Lettuce know Sainsbury’s is a customer satisfaction survey by Sainsbury. Sainsbury’s is amongst the prestigious and substantial supermarket chains in Britain that provide a limitless variety of items to its customers. To improve its management, quality of products, and customer care services, Sainsbury’s conducts the lettuce know survey. In this survey, the customers should give their honest reviews regarding their experience at Sainsbury’s and the quality of the products. As a reward for this survey, the customers can get a chance to win amazing prizes worth ₤500 by entering the Sainsbury’s Gift Card Draw conducted monthly.

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Purpose of the Lettuce know Survey

Sainsbury conducts this survey on a regular basis to get every customer’s feedback. They give due importance to every customer and try to improve their quality and services as per the suggestions and recommendations that they receive from their customers. Hence, the underlying purpose of this survey is to get valuable customer feedback and expectations and meet them accordingly and timely.

Requirements of the Survey

Here are a few requirements that must meet to be eligible for participating in the lettuce know survey.

Rules and Regulations of the Survey

The rules and regulations for participating in the survey include:


Terms and Conditions of the Lettuce Know Survey

The terms and conditions of the Sainsbury’s Lettuce Know survey include:

Steps to Do the Survey

lettuce know survey

The reward of the Lettuce Know Survey

Sainsbury's customer survey

By participating in Sainsbury’s customer feedback survey, you get a chance to win a Sainsbury’s Gift card worth ₤500 that can be used for getting valuable gifts at Sainsbury. You can claim the reward within 14 days of the prize announcement. However, having a Nectar account for claiming the prize is a necessity.

Winners List


  1. Does Sainsbury’s provide a gift card to the winners of the prize draw?

Sainsbury’s conducts a customer satisfaction survey, namely lettuce know, and the participants get a golden chance to win a gift card in the prize draw per month.

  1. How to rate the customer care services, products, and quality of Sainsbury?

If you want to provide valuable feedback regarding your experience at Sainsbury, go to the official website of lettuce know, and mention the information on your purchase bill to start the survey. Next, in the survey, you can honestly provide your feedback regarding the customer care service and the quality of products that you bought from there. Additionally, Sainsbury’s is always open to your precious suggestions to improve its services.

  1. How often does the Sainsbury’s prize draw take place?

Sainsbury’s prize draw occurs once a month, which provides customers with a golden chance to win amazing prizes every month.

  1. How can I file a complaint to Sainsbury?

In case of any complaint against the staff or product of Sainsbury, you can call the concerned authority at the following mobile numbers:

Contact Information

Sainsbury’s Lettuce Know Survey Website: www.lettuce-know.com/

Sainsbury’s Official Website: www.sainsburys.co.uk/

Address: Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd, 33 Holborn, London, EC1N 2HT.

Phone Number: